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Experience the Relief with Custom TMJ Solutions

We understand the discomfort and challenges associated with TMJ disorders. That’s why we’re committed to providing personalized TMJ treatment plans, including expertly crafted occlusal guards. Each appliance is tailored to fit your unique dental structure, offering not just a remedy for your symptoms but also a pathway to improved oral health. Witness the transformation in your daily comfort and dental well-being with our specialized TMJ solutions, just like our patients who have already found relief in their custom-fitted appliances.

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What is TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a pivotal joint connecting your jaw to your skull. It can be a source of discomfort, causing jaw pain or headaches due to factors like injury, arthritis, or bruxism (clenching and teeth grinding). A primary and conservative treatment approach at Refine Dental Care often involves the use of an occlusal guard.

The Role of Occlusal Guards in TMJ Relief

  • Severe toothache
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Swelling in the gums near the tooth
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Pain when biting or chewing If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms

Custom-Fitted Occlusal Guards by Expert Dentists

Our office takes precise impressions to ensure a perfect fit for your custom guard. Dentists like Dr. Gang, who possess specialized training in their use, should fit these appliances.

Is a Night Guard Right for Me?

Night guards are essential for those experiencing symptoms like frequent morning headaches, persistent jaw soreness, tooth sensitivity, or visible wear on teeth. These signs often indicate nocturnal teeth grinding or bruxism, which can lead to more severe dental issues if unaddressed. Night guards provide a protective barrier, mitigating the adverse effects of these nocturnal habits.

Custom-Fit Night Guard Solutions in Norwood, NJ

At Refine Dental Care, Dr. Vanessa Gang specializes in creating custom night guards tailored to individual needs. These guards are more than just protective devices; they are crafted to fit comfortably and precisely, providing relief from bruxism while enhancing your overall dental health. Dr. Gang’s expertise ensures each night guard is a perfect fit, offering an effective solution to protect against teeth grinding damage and improve sleep quality.

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