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Root Canal in Norwood NJ - Refine Dental Care
Root Canal in Norwood NJ - Refine Dental Care

Root Canal Therapy

When faced with cavities, the primary goal at Refine Dental Care is to “save your natural tooth” whenever possible. One of the tools we use to avoid extraction is endodontic therapy, most commonly known as a “root canal.” When the inside of a tooth becomes infected, an abscess may develop or you may need an extraction if not treated with a root canal. When appropriate, a root canal can help you keep your tooth and prevent painful and dangerous oral infections.

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Dentist Implants

Dental implants are simple yet effective replacements for missing teeth, involving titanium posts anchored into the jawbone to support custom crowns. They’re ideal for individuals seeking a long-lasting, natural-looking solution that doesn’t affect adjacent teeth and helps preserve jawbone health.

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Innovative Tooth Replacement
with Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a reliable and long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth, surpassing other options like bridges and dentures. These titanium posts are implanted into the jawbone, providing a stable foundation for custom-made crowns that look and function like natural teeth. Unlike other replacements, implants don’t necessitate the alteration of adjacent teeth and help maintain jawbone health, preventing bone loss associated with tooth absence.

What to expect

A 3D CT scan will be taken. Based on the height and width of your bone, an implant size will be carefully selected and dental implant will be virtually placed on your scan. After it is determined that you are a candidate for the procedure, we will schedule you for the placement.
On the day of surgery, if there is sufficient bone, the implant that was previously selected will be placed in the orientation what was mapped out on the CT scan. During the healing process, the newly placed implant will osseointegrate with the surrounding bone. It will remain buried underneath your bone. About 3-6 months later, the area will be numbed and a healing cap will be connected to the implant. This cap will allow the gums to heal in the shape of the final crown. The laboratory with make a customized crown that will adapt well around your gums. This usually takes two weeks.

On the day of crown insertion, the healing cap is gently removed and the final crown and abutment are tried in. The fit of the new restoration is verified before the end of the appointment.

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Dental Implant Consultation
at Refine Dental Care

Explore the benefits of dental implants with a personalized consultation at Refine Dental Care. Dr. Gang will evaluate your dental needs and discuss viable implant solutions with you. We’re here to answer all your questions and guide you towards making a confident decision about restoring your smile. Take the first step towards a complete and beautiful smile by scheduling your consultation with us today.